Automotive Batteries

We produce a complete range of batteries, for the most diverse applications: light vehicles, boxcars, heavy vehicles, and those manufactured domestically and internationally.

  • Written warrant.
  • Free of maintenance plaques.
  • Elements joined by welding with 10 mm bolts, assuring the perfect surpassing of energy.
  • Separator over a very low electric resistance polyethylene.
  • Thermal sealed polyethylene box and cover guaranteeing total tightness and high impact resistance.
What's my battery?
  Automotive Batteries
  Automotive Batteries
  Automotive Batteries
  Automotive Batteries
  • Vehicles in General
  • Ups Power Systems
  • Signaling Elements
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Power Generators
  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Microwave Repetitions
  • Less Risk Due to Short Circuits
  • Easy Mounting
  • Free of Maintenance
  • Universal Format
  • Thermally Sealed Cover and Box
  • Suitable for Cold Weather
  • Post-sale Service
  • One Year Warranty
One year warranty
One year warranty